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Costumes are the most unique way to celebrate events; special events like Halloween and thanksgiving give people opportunity to break from the routine of dressing in regular dresses and try something different and unique, and give people the opportunity to dress up. When it comes to choosing a costume for Halloween, the choices are innumerable. But you can make the job of finding a costume for yourself by categorising what you would want to look like: something scary, something funny or some historical or comic personality?

By far, costumes based on scary theme are most popular. However, dressing up in a witch, ghost or vampire costumes is so common that you are bound to find 10 other people dressed up in your getup in the party. if you want to get into a scary getup, but yet remain unique, opting for a Yeti costume would be a nice idea. It will be not only a scary addition to the party, but would also make you stand out from the crowd. Even though, you may get a little bit hot inside the thick fur the Yeti costume is made out of, you would look cool as Yeti.

Part man, part ape, what is he, exactly? Could he be a Yeti? Welcome to YetiCostume.Com, one of the most mysterious spots on the web for spotting Yeti – and for becoming a Yeti yourself with your very own Yeti costume.  Yeti has been called many things over the years, and many people think that his mere existence is even a myth or a tall tale. Legend has it that Yeti, or the Abominable Snowman, as he is called by some, inhabits the Himalayan mountain region of Tibet and Nepal.  Yetis are ape-like/man-like creatures that have been seen throughout history in this region of the world.  Although there is no conclusive evidence that the Yeti exists, there have been hundreds of firsthand accounts by the indigenous peoples of the region, as well as by those who have travelled to this area in the hopes of catching a glimpse.  A Yeti costume can pay homage to your love of the Yeti legend, or just your love of fierce creatures in general.

Interestingly, the Yeti also makes an appearance in some Christmas movies and Christmas cartoons.  A Yet costume can be a fun way to add a realistic look if your organization is putting on a play that features an Abominable Snowman or Yeti character.

A Yeti costume is usually made up of a body suit created from faux fur, and includes a ferocious face mask, furry hands and large feet. (Think bigfoot costume – like this one) You will find a Yeti costume in all sizes and in unisex design that can be worn by men or women.  You can also buy a Yeti costume in kid’s sizes, and in some instances, to fit your dog.

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Some variety of Yeti costumes includes a helmet mask that makes a person appear taller by as much as 12 inches. The costumes also have hand and arm extenders. Such costumes are a bit costlier than other regular Yeti costumes that include bodysuit made out of polyester, mask, hands and big feet. You can buy them in standard adult size of 40-44.

So sneak up on your friends this Halloween dressed as a scary Yeti.

Accessorizing Your Costume

Legends often are used as the basis for many types of costumes used during parties, plays and on Halloween. A Yeti Costume and accessories are just one of the great ones. Yeti or the abominable snowman is an infamous character that can bring a lot of oohs and ahhs to your next big event. You might consider accessorizing this look with large walking staff as the Yeti treads through rough terrain and snowy conditions. For Halloween, you might add a bit of fake blood to his hands and mouth to give a scary look to the monster so many have feared over the years. Keep in mind that this is a rather thick costume in most cases and might become a bit uncomfortable if worn with too much clothing underneath.

Measuring for Your Costume

Yeti might be scary, but not as scary as the thoughts of wearing a costume that does not fit right. Take care of that problem before you even order by making sure that your costume fits perfectly from the get-go. Taking your measurements before ordering your Yeti costume makes a lot of sense, since you can just compare your measurements to the measurements listed in the product details for the costume that you choose. Measure your inseam from the inner part of your pants down the inner leg and to the hem. Measure your waist at the natural waistline. Measure your hips and your chest at their widest parts. Don’t be a monster because you are uncomfortable. Know your costume will fit before it ever arrives!

If you are looking for something different to wear this Halloween and Thanksgiving, then what you need is a Yeti costume. The abominable snowman is said to inhabit the Himalayan region and this costume is sure to be unique, scary and make you stand apart, even in a crowd. The unisex costume is made of faux fur that can make you a little hot and includes furry hands, large feet and a ferocious face mask. They are available in a range of sizes and you can find one for your tiny tots as well as pets. This is the best place to find the right one for each family member at the best rates.

Yeti Halloween Costumes

Who doesn’t want his Halloween celebration to be filled with tons of frolics, entertainment, fun plus a hint of horror; all you need to do to achieve all of this and more is add that to your Halloween costumes as well as your masks. Halloween costumes are the ones that lend Halloween the spooky touch with your friends and others dressed in scary costumes as well as funny and weird makeup.

Everyone is interested in dressing up in spooky and scary costumes to scare the fear off for them during Halloween evening. It is not unusual to see people dressing them up in scary costumes such as a vampire, scare crow, imp ghost, devil and other such costumes. Though they definitely help to maintain the spooky ambience of Halloween, they are no way unique.  So what costumes to choose which are scary, but at the same time unique?

Yeti or the Bigfoot – the most famous Yeti – costume is one such idea which is extremely scary to behold and yet is unique. There are remote chances that you would find anyone dressed up in a Yeti costume in the party like you do; but if you opt to dress yourself up as a vampire or so, you are sure to find 10 more people dressed in same costume. Therefore, you should not think any further if you are looking for a unique scary costume.

You can buy Yeti costumes from one of the many online stores selling it. A typical Yeti costume is 8.5” high and also 8.5” wide. It makes you larger than you actually are. The costume set includes a bodysuit with fur like appearance, face mask, big feet and hands. They are available in standard adult size (40-44).

Yeti is a legend, and a scary one at that; you wouldn’t find any better scary costume idea than this one; so don’t miss out on the fun.

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(Think bigfoot costume – like this one)

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